This blog is a small snapshot of the life of Kathryn Junk, who lived in Ottawa, Ohio a hundred years ago. Her story is told through the post cards she received and collected.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Milburn Residence, Buffalo, N.Y.

Dear Katie, I just got back from Buffalo. Had Gailen there. Have to take him back in 10 days. They say they can cure him. They all say that. I don't get much chance to write. Write and let me know how you are. I was in Buffalo two days and nights. Mike's father went with me. Try an come out here this summer. Hattie. Hattie must have a child that is ill. It seems as though she is weary of doctors' promises. She sounds like she needs a friend. The subtitle on this card reads, "Where President McKinley died. September 14, 1901. (x) Shows location of Room in which he Died." I could not locate the "x". That must be McKinley in the oval inset.

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