This blog is a small snapshot of the life of Kathryn Junk, who lived in Ottawa, Ohio a hundred years ago. Her story is told through the post cards she received and collected.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Washington Street, Monroe, Mich

Dear Friend, What kind of a time did u have at the fair? I don't think I had a good time as four years ago. I wish I could of had a longer talk with u. But the first time I was with my folk whom I had not seen for 18 mo. Before I left them that lady came and stuck like glue. So you see I was in it. Now don't forget to ans. this and some day I will tell U what you said about me. f.f.B. his could be t.t.B, not sure, but he seems like a suitor. I like him - he seems sassy.

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