This blog is a small snapshot of the life of Kathryn Junk, who lived in Ottawa, Ohio a hundred years ago. Her story is told through the post cards she received and collected.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Darling from Gilboa, O.

2/5, MCMJX, It is great doings only a little bit bad getting around but I hope it will be better soon - I am the Candy Kid ha,ha But you are sweeter than that in fact you are just "It". If the roads keep on I don't know about coming over but you know how crazy I am so it will have to be "you know," I would like to see you tonight but not likely I will. But all the same, it is fun for "The Kids", Love to the whole family, Edward. (sideways text) Now quit you funning with me see.
I'm not sure if Kathryn placed these cards chronologically, or in some other sequence of significance. Gilboa is a small town with a winery and a limestone quarry.

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