This blog is a small snapshot of the life of Kathryn Junk, who lived in Ottawa, Ohio a hundred years ago. Her story is told through the post cards she received and collected.

Friday, January 1, 2010

No date, from nobody to noone

I have a book of postcards that was handed down to me from my Great Aunt. These postcards belonged to her aunt, Kathryn Junk. The postcards are gorgeous, but more than than that, I wanted to discover the story they tell. I do not know much about this relative except that she lived about a hundred years ago. She never married or had children and I seem to remember hearing that she died at a fairly young age. I have a photo and what I believe to be the necklace that she is wearing in the photo.

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  1. Hi,
    I found your blog while googling our Junk family. It was pretty fun to find this as there really aren't many Junks around. I'm a descendant of Kathryn's brother, John Junk, if I can read the family tree correctly. There are a lot of Johns and Kathryns in the family! A cousin of ours, Carol Ann Richardson has put together a fairly extensive family tree. I'd be happy to scan it and send it to you if you are interested. Please reply to my email

    Gretchen Junk Casey