This blog is a small snapshot of the life of Kathryn Junk, who lived in Ottawa, Ohio a hundred years ago. Her story is told through the post cards she received and collected.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

North Pond, Weston Cemetary

Miss Katie Dear Friend. I am not yet dead. There is a dance in Weston Weston Ohio. Wish it was so I could go but I guess not unless I make it late. Dawson.

This is postmarked from Weston, Jan 12 3PM, but the date is somewhat illegible. My guess is 1909. I am wondering as I post this correspondence for the world to see, if my relations would approve. Not that i'm disillusioned to think that a lot of people are reading, but there is an element of voyeurism here. I have looked through this book many times, but i've never taken the cards out to read them.

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